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Hệ thống khí nén không dầu ETC
Hệ thống khí nén không dầu ETC

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The Purest Oil-Free Compressed Air 






Oil-Free compressors do not remove the oils that are suspended in the ambient air,

BUMA Compressor Systems’ ETC does it very well

> Guaranteed oil-free compressed air according to ISO 8573 class 0.

 > Achieving class 1 even with hydrocarbon concentrations of up to 154 000 parts per billion

at the ETC inlet.

 > Clean condensate with a hydrocarbon concentration downstream of the ETC <1.93 parts per billion and therefore allowed to drain without additional treatment or separation.

 > Compared to many oil-free compressors, the condensate is not acidic but neutral with a ph between 6 and 7.

 > Compared to oil-free compressors, independent of the ambient air quality.

 > The ETC catalytic process also minimizes bacteria, fungus and microbial content in the compressed air.

 > 20 000 workings hours or 30 months warranty on the catalytic function.

 > The ETC is compatible with variable speed drive. compressors operating between 110% and 20% by using the VS module.

 > Converts silicone monomers to silica and absorbs the silica.

 > Compact design with improved insulation and reduced energy consumption.

 > Electronic control unit and reduced number of electrical wear parts.

 > Pressure drop over ETC system approx 5.8 psi at 100 psi.

 > Absolutely secure system with a protective shutdown unit that prevents oil-containing compressed air from entering the network in the event of malfunction.




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