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Máy nén khí cho thợ lặn
Máy nén khí cho thợ lặn
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Breathing Air Containment Fill

SFCR containment fill stations

High Air’s SFCR containment fill stations offer the ultimate in safety and convenience. An enclosed steel chamber offers maximum protection in
the event of a catastrophic cylinder failure. Our loading heights are ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue.
The fill station is ergonomically designed to allow the filling of several SCBA or SCUBA bottles either separately or simultaneously. Access to the
enclosure for loading the SCBA /SCUBA cylinders shall be via a manually operated, tilt out door. The fill station door is provided with assisting
devices to assure smooth operation and reduce operator fatigue. The fill station door is constructed of 5mm plate steel. The SCBA /SCUBA cradle
contains several fill positions. Each fill position is lined with material to protect each SCBA /SCUBA cylinder from abrasion. The carriage is mounted
on a pivoting system that will lower the cylinders to a near horizontal position and allow full access to all SCBA /SCUBA bottles, fill hoses and valve
assemblies with minimal operator fatigue .         


•Compliant to NFPA Standard.
•Dual-layer structure.
•Venting Holes for discharge the Air Instantly .
•Taggel Valve Shut off the Air automatically when door is open.
•Low height of the cylinder filling, easy to operation.
•6.8L and 9L pneumatic cylinder universal design.
•Strictly control the filling speed to ensure the safety of carbon fiber bottle.

supply standard           regulator
                                        safty valve after regulator
                                        2 gauges for regulator(in and out)
                                        taggel valve(shut off filling when door open)
                                        filling valves
                                        bleeding valves
                                        filling gauges
                                        rubber on sufface contact cylinder
                                        exhousting holes
                                        filling 2 6.9L or 9L cylinders

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