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Máy nén khí thổi chai PET
Máy nén khí thổi chai PET
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PET Compressor

 Integrated System Available   

Dryer,filters and container are integrated in Pet Bull Compressor,meet High air quality requirements. 
High Efficiency, Energy Saving 
Thanks for the High Efficient valve and new ring material,Pet Bull Compressor become more efficient and save energy cost. 
Low Service Cost 
Long lasting valve and ring material extend Service life,reducing the maintenance cost.
Low Power Requirement 
Multi-Compressors system and soft starter require less in electric power supply,less impact on power grid. 
Compact Design 
High efficient coil tubes cooler make Pet Bull Compressor more compact,less room required.


* air-cooled version upon request

PET AIR BOOSTER(Inlet Pressure 8barG)

PET compressor is using the most advanced energy-efficient technology,low cost and long service life,already
became an optimal solution for users.
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