High Pressure Compressor - Hệ thống máy nén khí , máy sấy khí , máy Nito , máy nén khí trục vít

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High Pressure Compressor
High Pressure Compressor

Máy nén khí Piston cao áp

Máy nén không khí / Booster

Máy nén khí Hydro / booster

Máy nén khí Nito / Booster

Máy nén khí tự nhiên / Booster

Áp suất : 30 - 400bar

Lưu lượng: 1.5 - 10m3/phút

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High Pressure Compressor

Industry  Compressor 

High Air acquired reliable compressor design and key components from US and assemble high pressure piston/reciprocating compressor pump up from 300PSI(2MPa) to 7300PSI(50MPa),compress air/helium/nitrogen/Natural gas and so on,has been widely used in PET bottles blowing,hydropower station,military,aviation and oil/gas petroleum industry.


Air Compressor
Nitrogen Compressor/Nitrogen Booster
Hydrogen Compressor/Hydrogen Booster 
Natural Gas Compressor/Natural Gas Booster 
Oil/Gas Applications                                        Industry Applications 
Marine Seismic research                                        Hydropower Station  
Pipeline testing                                                     Marine  
Well Service                                                          Wind tunnels  
Platform motion compensation                            Leakage testing  
Fuel injection                                                        PET bottle blowing  
Well Kickoff                                                          Pump and Storage Hydropower Station 
Air Drilling                                                            Military 
Under Balance Drilling 
Coil Tube Drilling



High Pressure Air Compressor Trailer

Diesel Engine & Motor Dual Driven 

High Pressure Nitrogen Booster

Inlet Pressure 90 PsiG  Outlet Pressure 4800PsiG 900M3/H

Nitrogen Well Kickoff

Diesel Engine Driven High Pressure Compressor

Air 8M3/min 3000Psi for Marine Seismic

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