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Accelerate your project with our skid-mounted plants.

This type of plant assembly offers many advantages over conventional stand-alone systems.

The equipment is mounted on a steel plate, assembled and pre-piped, pre- wired in the shop between individual equipment, inspected and tested prior to delivery. Skid-mounted design helps reduce the erection, assembly and start-up time at the site; thus saving time and cost of labor, supervision, and coordination at customer’s end. No need of any foundation required and shorten installation period accordingly and can save some cost.

All engineering, fabrication, controls, project management, start-up and commissioning work is carried out by Oxymat.


Easy to install on site

Compactly in one place, saving space

Low overall investment costs

Reduced on-site erection and minimal site disruption

Reliable prefabrication under workshop conditions

Reduction of chances of errors similar installation at site is not subject to similar quality control

Plug and play system on demand

Reducing time and labor for installation at site

Skid-mounted plants can be relocated more easily than site-built plants


Package includes:

Air package, PSA generator, air and product tank, filtration, filling stations etc.

All interconnecting pipework


Electrical wiring and control connections

Cover on demand

All other necessary equipment


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