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Tonnage PSA: Key benefits

Easily reach the border for other air separation methods – 50, 70, 100 TPD

Lower CAPEX in comparison with cryogenic ASU

System consist of several Moduls

Unique design with smaller foot print

Easy transportation and handling

Quick installation and startup

Low energy consumption

Heavy duty construction designed for rough conditions in remote areas

High quality & durable components

Frame-built design

Trouble-free easy installation and startup

High quality flexible Touch Screen Control Unit (Customized control system)

Reliability and huge redundancy options

Specialist support from planning, installation and operation of project

Fully automated generator; Remote Control Access

Require very little maintenance and service

Systems are designed for 24/7 operation

Service hotline

Highest level of safety

Quick pay-back

Low energy consumption

High air separation efficiency with lowest feed air requirement in the market

Design made for redundancy in case of breakdown

Produce the gas you need, when and where you need

No losses of production time due to running out of gas

Safe delivery; controlled flow and uninterrupted gas flow

Supply in exact quantity and quality needed

Lower operating pressure

Precision system control for all critical parameters, remote trouble shooting diagnostics, maintenance schedules and operating diagrams

Layout flexibility as per clients needs

State of the art design as per clients requirements

High reliability through fewer moving parts

Easy civil works

Advanced control & flow control system

User friendly touch screen

Process monitoring system against breakdown

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